Record Totes for Taleen Kali

Record totes are a must at shows! These screenprinted totes feature lyrics and illustrations inspired by the music of Taleen Kali, and are listed on her website.

Taleen Kali's Half Lie Tee Shirt

A design based on Chris Stein’s BBC shirt, featuring the song title and lyrics for “Half Lie”, written by Taleen Kali. Available in both black and white on the musician’s site.

Taleen Kali's Supergoth Evil Eye Tee

Supergoth Evil Eye illustration created for holographic tees for musician Taleen Kali.

Jessica Snow's Dreamworld

Jessica Snow is a self described meditative storyteller and energetic alchemist in Los Angeles. She’s built a beautiful supersigil of audio meditations.

Jessica asked me to create illustrations for her newest book, Dreamworld. They are sprinkled throughout the entirety of the book, and the black and white contrasts the hyperreal mode of the meditations she shares inside.

Taleen Kali's Limited Edition Scarf

Taleen Kali gave me the great honor of illustrating her limited edition scarf, only available to her first 50 Patreon subscribers (never fear– you can join her here!). I love drawing in black and white– honestly, it’s still probably my favorite!– and I love how the printing on this came out. It’s so clear, so crisp, and honestly, a goddamn delight to wear.

Taleen Kali's Bluets Album Cover Art

Here it is! The final of three different covers for Taleen Kali’s set of singles off her e.p., Soul Songs. In the previous two pieces, I played around with repeated imagery: rose petals and certain painted brushstrokes, in particular. For this final installment, I opted to break the mold and play with how much I could cover Taleen and her environment with blue, as her song is about transformation. Pretty stoked on this– can this be a poster, pretty please? Oh wait, IT IS. Check it out on walls all over Los Angeles!

Taleen Kali's Lost & Bound Cover Art

Here’s the single art for Lost & Bound, Taleen Kali’s second single off from her new e.p., Soul Songs. Taleen’s vision really worked into this one– she and I spent time talking about how the brushstrokes needed to move away from her body, almost like they’re radiating! It was so fun to really let loose on this piece, and I loved the challenge of working on a black and white ground.

Taleen Kali's Half Lie Album Art

The first in a series of three: Musician Taleen Kali asked me to create a piece of artwork for each of her singles off Soul Songs, her debut e.p. My goal was to capture her fiery spirit and complement her moody guitar playing– movement was my muse.

Custom Hand Painted Denim for Milck

So proud of my friend Milck, who sang her original anthem “I Can’t Keep Quiet” at the 2018 ESPY Awards. She asked me to create this handpainted denim jacket featuring lyrics from her song for her performance! OMG.

I LOVE creating custom pieces– it’s something I’ve done for years, since learning how to sew as a pre-teen. I’ve got loads of fun in this vein up my sleeve. You’re gonna FLIP!

Milck "Into Gold"EP Release Party at Hotel Cafe

In early March of 2020, Atlantic recording artist and activist Milck asked me to art direct her release party for her E.P, “Into Gold”. Showcasing elements from her conceptual music video series, I created multiple installations inside of famed venue Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Attendees immersed themselves in experiential moments: a static-stuck television mirroring their existence (cradled in a moon shape), drinks named for Milck’s songs, a mini-gallery of accessories used in videos, and a photobooth lined with mirrors and anchored by a gilded throne.

Art Against Hate Stickers

After the 2016 election, Eleanor Whitney and I collaborated on these all-weather stickers in response to Trump being elected. Her words, my drawings, and certainly both of our sentiments. We encourage you to plaster them over any pro-Trump stickers you find.

All That Glitters With BUST Magazine

Honored to have been asked to write three DIY’s and do makeup for a feature in feminist magazine Bust! Our team had a blast playing with inspiration from The Stooges and eating donuts. What a fun day!

Pussybow x BUST Magazine DIY

A cute pussybow DIY for Bust magazine.

Wrap It Up x BUST Magazine DIY

A DIY for Bust magazine. Super cute, super easy.